Jamaica Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers/Society of Friends), a Christian denomination, is made up of 14 Monthly Meetings or churches. 

Though they are scattered into three different regions, they often keep connected as ONE via — internet, phone, quarterly meetings held every 2-3 months, and fifth Sundays when they travel to visit with each other for worship as the larger group.

Jamaica VBS 

Each summer, a group from NC travels to Jamaica to help lead Vacation Bible School in several Jamaica Yearly Meeting locations. 


What you would do if you go . . . 

  • Form a spiritual partnership with Jamaican Friends

  • Teach and share the Gospel through VBS, with families, in communities and churches

  • Lead, disciple and equip Jamaicans to ensure a lasting effect throughout the community

  • We train, support and assist Jamaicans in leading VBS to more than 300 chirldren

  • Minister to locals through serving and giving

Pastoral Training 

Pastoral Development and Leadership Training are some of the top goals of JYM to increase membership and to promote the Christian Gospel in the context of Friends (Quakers)​. 

A curriculum developed by NCYM Christian Education Committee guides chosen candidates through a series of bible studies, written assignments and oral reviews. 

There are currently over 30 candidates participating in Pastoral Development and Leadership Training. The program continues to grow.


JYM Young Friends

       Each Meeting or church has a youth department known as Young Friends. They are the upcoming backbone in the Society of Friends. Together all 14 churches combine to form the larger body, Jamaica Yearly Meeting Young Friends group. 

        The Young Friends, though small in numbers, have big concerns about the life of Quakerism & Christian faith in Jamaica. Quakers believe that the people are the church and not the building and that all are called to serve & minister according to their gifts & talents. 

        Whatever the obstacles might be, Young Friends keep reminding each other to not let go, for with God all things are possible and to seek and live in the presence & power of God. Young Friends are striving to be all that our Heavenly Father has called them to be.


Memorandum of Understanding

   Whereas, the Jamaica Yearly Meeting (JYM) and the North Carolina Yearly Meeting (NCYM) are members of the Religious Society of Friends and both are members of Friends United Meeting; and

   Whereas, a strong relationship has developed between the two Yearly Meetings as NCYM has provided one week of Vacation Bible School to the Jamaican Youth for about the past twenty years; and
   Whereas, there is a sincere desire expressed by the leaders of JYM to increase the Christian ministry in all Jamaica Friends Monthly Meetings to become a more vibrant, growing, passionate, and effective movement of faithful Christ-centered followers; and
   Whereas, Pastoral Development, Leadership Training and Facility Improvements are the top goals of JYM to increase membership and to promote the Christian Gospel in the  context of Friends (Quakers); and
   Whereas NCYM has shown a strong interest and desire in helping JYM successfully achieve these top three Goals to strengthen the Christian ministry among Friends and to reach out to all people in Jamaica.
   Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the Executive Committee of the Jamaica Yearly Meeting and the Executive Committee of North Carolina Yearly Meeting that both parties will cooperatively work to develop a Strategic Plan for JYM that will focus on the accomplishment of Pastoral Development, Leadership Training and Facilities Improvement, and
   Be It Further Resolved by both parties to this Memorandum of Understanding that each will provide resources to the best of their ability for a three year period beginning April 1, 2010 for the successful implementation of the Strategic Plan for Jamaica Yearly Meeting.